Talent Watch Show

Our mission is to change the way music artists are discovered. Two areas that may jump out at you when visiting our site are our TV Show and our Online Music Competitions.

Our TV Show features top emerging artists from around the world. The show is an extension of TalentWatch.com’s mission to focus attention on artists who deserve to be discovered. TalentWatch can be seen on FilmOn TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and select cable channels.

In regards to music competitions, industry professionals can plug into TalentWatch’s platform to stage online music competitions for artists anywhere in the world. Our site can be used to crown the winning artist or run the audition phase of a major reality TV competition. Without the geographic limitations of live contests, online competitions extend your talent pool while capturing the interest of music fans all over the world.

Besides music videos, every artist uploads a personal video where they tell their story. Where else can you get close and personal with a potential music star? In addition, the music fans on our site play an important role by judging artists on their talent, entertainment and like-ability, using a well-designed rating system. Bottom line- every music artist has an equal chance to rise to the top.

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