Network – Opportunity Knocks

When’s the last time you watched something with the entire family? Opportunity Knocks Television is a variety network created with you and your family in mind. OKTV is television with a purpose. We air shows to inspire and motivate, not only entertain you; whatever your interests. This network is designed with a very specific aim in mind… “Bringing Families Back together”. It’s developed to engage people to rethink community. We speak to the children, teens, young adults and the grandparents.

What’s the common denominator between most TV channels and their audience? We’ve become immune. Love doesn’t feel the same anymore… violence has become commonplace… and sex is overrated. It’s OK for the family to watch entertainment on OKTV. Our programming is based on the needs of the people, not what the “Big Networks” dictate we should be watching.
Like the networks of the past (when TV programming actually meant something), we provide quality, original scripted programs, reality TV, specials, movies, and comedies.
We strive to provide our viewers with positive content that enlightens, amuses, and makes them hungry for more – this is exactly what OK TV is all about!

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