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Here you will find a wide variety of networks related to all things music.

Network – Urban Music 4U

Urban contemporary rock, pop, hip-hop and R&B. However you think of Urban Music, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy playlists and videos from up and coming artists along with top-40 selections 24 hours a day.

Network – Street Music 4U

‘Playing real good for free’ is the unique cultural niche of street performers from all over the planet. Experience the mournful sound of saxophone on the street corner, sweet folk guitars, violins, and one-man bands. A unique view of our shared world!

Network – Southern Gospel 4U

Non-stop music bringing to you all that southern gospel goodness with its unique sound, unshakable faith, personal expression, communal sharing and love. Wonderful to hear. So full of joy!

Network – Planet Cannabis Music

Offering unique cannabis-related music and videos from around the world, featuring new and upcoming artists, original music and videos. Music tailored to the cannabis crowd: top rap, pop, and classic rock. Some material may not be suitable for all viewers! Warning: Some content may not be suitable for viewers of all ages. Viewer discretion is […]

Network – MyJam Music Network

MyJam Music Network is jammin’ 24/7! MyJam Music Network is a major source of top celebrity artists that come to life before your eyes on your screen as well as some of the newest independent talent future new stars.

Network – My Music Channel

Welcome to My Music Channel, showcasing the latest Top 40 Songs of the day!

Network – Musica Latina Para Ti

Latin Music for You is a universe of sounds and sights. Salsa, Tango, Merengue, Brazilian, Mexican, and more. A fantastic excursion through different styles, vibrations, and beats. If you enjoy a wide range of Latin music, you’ve come to the right place!

Network – Gospel Music 4U

Gospel singing in all its variety and vigour! Music from the 40’s to the freshest contemporary groups and compositions. Enjoy the enthusiasm, passion, and pure joy of real gospel music. We’ve got the stars on the stages!

Network – Country Music 4U

A major source of fresh new artists along with famous country celebrities, Hall of Fame singers and song-writers! 24 hour a day entertainment that’s sure to satisfy all country music fans. We’ve got ‘both kinds’ of music for you right here!

Network – Contemporary Christian Music 4U

Popular inspirational music centered on expressing the joy and peace that is found in the Christian faith. Popular songs from the Billboard 200, and fresh new titles. Positive and encouraging songs ranging from contemporary gospel to Christian rock.

Network – California Music Channel

CMC Television is programmed like radio, but with pictures. Of course, it’s really nothing new. Situation comedies, soaps, action, drama, news, sports, game and variety shows, indeed NBC, CBS, and ABC, all originated on radio. Just as radio turned to phonograph records when television and FM fragmented radio audiences; television, the internet, and wireless media […]

Network – Bluegrass Music 4U

The best of Bluegrass with all the acoustic sounds, improvisations, harmony, and solo parts that are part of real Appalachian music history. Featuring celebrity artists along with fresh up and coming talent. Dobro? We have it! Banjos? We’ve got ‘em. Guitars, fiddles, mandolins? Tune in and enjoy all day long!