Please complete the following form to either DEACTIVATE or DELETE your MYTVTOGO account. Once received, you will receive a notification to your email address on file between 24 to 48 hours from the time of submission.


    DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT: Revoke all current active accesses, cancel all subscriptions and terminate any active session for this user's account.

    DELETE ACCOUNT: Will erase all customer data from the system, including personal information provided in the registration process, location and device information we gather during authentication process, personal information included in the account logins records, and all other personal information stored in other parts of our database. The only personal data we will keep in the system is one which is part of the transactions and subscriptions records due to other legislation we have to abide by. In addition to the data erasure, the customer account will also be deactivated, which means that all active subscriptions will be cancelled, all currently active accesses to assets will be revoked and all active login sessions will be terminated. The customer will no longer be able to authenticate and purchase assets on the MYTVTOGO app.